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  • Welcome to Effigy!

  • Effigy is an an 18+ only Space Station 13 community, running on downstream /tg/station code.

    Anthro/furry friendly character customisation, light antag/action, and chill roleplay requirements.

    We strive to maintain:

    • A welcoming, friendly environment for everyone
    • Players should not feel overly restricted within the standard gameplay rules and policy to the extent that they feel compelled to actively pursue antagonist status or a predetermined narrative.
    • Game rounds that┬áprovide opportunities for engagement and enjoyment for everyone, no matter what role they are playing.

    The portal is where you can manage your player profile, apply to join the community, and manage your tickets.

  • The server is for whitelisted members

    If you are a new player interested in joining our community, click here.

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