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  • Server and Discord Rules
  • 0. Admin Authority:

    • Admins ensure a smooth game experience. They may use discretion, based on the spirit of the rules, to improve gameplay.

    1. Respect Staff:

    • Treat staff with respect. Raise concerns via the Portal. Honesty is vital. Don't try to exploit rule technicalities.

    2. Account Integrity:

    • Age 18+ only. Age verification may be requested.
    • One account per player. No multikeying or exploit abuse.
    • No underage characters, actions, or behaviour that violates moral standards.

    3. Play Fair:

    • No metagaming or using OOC info in-game. Don't carry conflict between rounds unless both parties consent.
    • Don't Round Remove (RR) or make players overly unrecoverable.
    • IC relationships are okay, but must not provide unfair advantages.
    • Powergaming/Play-to-win that ruins the round for the server at large is prohibited.
    • Specific antag memories shouldn't be carried IC between rounds. Treat things you experience as the first time for your character.

    4. Respect Others:

    • Use common sense. Don't be a dick. No erotic acts without consent.
    • Respect player requests made in LOOC.
    • Don't make the station widely uninhabitable, with some exceptions for objectives.
      • ie: Random maxcaps, plasma flooding, shocking all doors, venting all common areas)
    • Hate speech, discriminatory behavior, and political discussions are prohibited.

    5. Immersive RP:

    • Play a believable character and escalate reasonably.
    • Respect antagonists. Avoid prematurely outing them.
    • Don't call out ERP publicly. No vigilante justice without strong IC reasons.
    • Respawn is enabled, but only as assistant. If you leave the game you must return as a different character.
      • It's fine to quickly cryo/respawn at roundstart to due job changes, appearance issues, etc.
    • Keep netspeak/memes to OOC and PDA messaging.

    6. Accept Outcomes:

    • Understand that in-game events, including death, are transient and part of the game.

    7. Player Trust:

    • Players shouldn't be confined to antagonist roles for enjoyment.
    • Everyone is assumed to act in good faith and the game's best interest.
    • Antagonists have certain rule flexibilities to carry out their objectives, but they must act in moderation to maintain a fun round for the entire server.
    • Don't interrupt private scenes, use LOOC/ahelp for objective rerolls or other resolutions.
    • Don't negatively interact with SSD (AFK/disconnected players) ie: stealing, attacking.

    8. Job Roles/Chain of Command:

    • Those in command should lead. Department heads can dismiss subordinates.
    • Treat antagonists fairly based on their actions. Security must be professional, fair, and respectful.
    • Act like you're baseline competent and want to keep your job.

    For a more detailed version of these rules, click here. Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions!


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